Golf Tournament SuperTicket

What is a SuperTicket?

A SuperTicket takes all of the items you would normally sell to your tournament participants separately, such as raffle tickets, mulligans and tournament contest and combines them into a single package sold at registration. You only need to ask for one donation the entire day.

Why Ask For Only One Donation?

No golfer likes to be interrupted during their round of golf. They come to play. Your golfers will appreciate this one time approach a are more likely to participate when they see all you have to offer.

         And You Will Make More Money!

With so many companies competing with each other for your tournament business, why not keep more of your profits? Other tournament contest companies charge 50% or more to participate at your event. The JVD SuperTicket allows your organization to keep more of its hard earned money. JVD Golf and Promotions only charges $10 per ticket. When sold for the average price of $40, your organization keeps $30 or 75%. Best of all we include many items with the JVD SuperTicket to entice more golfers to participate.

         How Much Money Can You Make?

  1. Example 1 - 144 Golfers at 75% participation = $3240 (144 X 80% = 115 X $30 = $3240)

  2. Example 2 - 72 Golfers at 75% participation = $1620 (72 X 80% = 57 X $30 = $1620)

  3. Example 3 - 144 Golfers at 50% participation = $2160 (144 X 50% = 115 X $30 = $2160)

  4. Example 4 - 72 Golfers at 50% participation = $1080 (72  X 50% = 115 X $30 = $1080)

Average Tournament SuperTicket Sales are around to 75% .

Your results may vary. We recommend having a couple of dynamic people at your event dedicated to selling SuperTickets at registration.

What’s Included In The Package?

Each Golfer That Purchases A JVD SuperTicket Will Recieve: SuperTicket

(Your organization may wish to include other items such as raffle tickets, mulligans and other prizes)

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