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 We have a program that guarantees new tournaments for your facility. It has been proven over and over again throughout the country. Golf courses have been averaging three new tournaments when hosting this program.

"TAKE YOUR GOLF TOURNAMENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL" seminar is a three hour program that helps you reach new tournament business as well as helps your existing tournament customers improve their current events. This in turn ensures more golfers for your course.

CONTENT covers all of the areas that tournament coordinators need to improve their golf events: Selling Sponsors, Recruiting Golfers, Motivating Volunteers, Formats, Promotions, Games and Contests, Budgets and time lines, and so much more.

WHO ATTENDS? Together we will promote the seminar to bring in new business, such as; Corporations, Meeting Planners, Associations, Charities, Chambers, Civic Groups, Schools, Churches and many others.

NO COST One of the best things about the seminar is that it should not cost you anything. Vendors and sponsors have been covering the cost. Your vendors will pay you to be there and support the program. These are potential vendors for customers also.

NEW TOURNAMENT BUSINESS We have found that tournaments are planned four to six months in advance. Now is the perfect time to host a seminar because it helps you book business for the rest of the year.

EASY PROCESS We provide you with a step by step process to host and produce a successful event. In addition, we will help promote the event to our thousands of members.

INVESTMENT Call for special pricing.

Let the JVD Golf and Promotions and the GTAA start helping you book more tournament business today!

For more information, contact Jeff Harrison at 619-846-9995.

The GTAA has had the opportunity to work in the Golf Tournament Industry for over 25 years, serving Golf Courses, Tournament Coordinators, and Suppliers. We understand the needs of the industry. We know who produces tournaments, how to reach them, and how to sell.

What Others Are Saying About GTAA Seminars

 Thanks so much for being the knight in shining armor, who came to the rescue on our golf tournament! Without a development director, I was panicked about putting on a great event. We had a little over two months to prepare. With such short notice, you were able to save us money on the golf course arrangements and gave the golf committee direction on sponsors, golfers and auction items. You helped with everything from golfer pairings and the program book to making things work smoothly the day of the event. You and your GTAA colleagues were great. Thanks to you we had a wonderful event, made money, and have lots of resources for future tournaments.

Elayne Achilles, Ed.D. Executive Director, ALS Association Arizona Chapter

 Your training was awesome, but more than that “on task” for what courses need today; now more than ever. We, as the PGA Member, is generally a day late and a dollar short when it comes to leading the industry in our business. I think we have forgotten that we should be entertaining the golfer and ensuring that we are giving them a reason to spend their money and return to spend more…because they enjoyed how you entertained them for the day. My philosophy as an operator was: Create activity, activity, and more activity. Activity drives business, business drives revenue, revenue covers expenses; creative revenue and smart expenses fortifies a healthy bottom line. Period!

Fred Barr, PGA, Director of Career Services, Golf Academy of America, Phoenix Campus

 I attended your workshop at Twin Lakes in Oakland, MI a few weeks ago. I work for a non-profit and we have held a fairly successful golf outing for the past 16 years. I am so excited to use the information you provided and kick it up a notch. Your workshop was the most jammed packed, informative, useful class I have ever attended. I took 10 pages of notes in under 3 hours! I have paid for other classes for fundraising, etc. - but nothing compared to your class....and for FREE! My head has been swimming with ideas ever since I left. I won't be able to implement everything I learned for our golf outing in June, but watch out 2015! I also picked up your DVD and book, and our Executive Director was impressed with all the information. I plan on having our Board of Trustees watch it as well, so they can get on board with your great ideas and we can increase our earnings from our golf outing. Thank you so much for bringing this workshop to Michigan in our cold winter!

Lesley Scharfenberg, On My Own of Michigan

My name is Melanie Endert, and a year ago I went to one of your seminars, which was held at a country club in Frisco, TX. I was getting ready to chair a nonprofit golf tournament that was going to be held in October ’11…. I have never played golf, and didn’t know the first thing about golf tournaments. Your seminar and the free manual I downloaded from your GTAA website were absolutely critical to the success of my event – which was absolutely successful!! I’ve attached a brief report I wrote for our district, and you can glance at my LinkedIn profile for another description of the event, including an excellent recommendation from the golf pro at the club where it took place. My volunteers were thrilled to have gathered so much donated swag for the golfers, and earned so much scholarship money for students of TX A&M. I’m going to chair the event again this year! Many times I’ve described that seminar and your charisma/knowledge to my volunteers and even to my sponsors. I definitely feel that our event would not have risen to the level it did without your great guidance. Just want to say thank you so much!

Best regards, Melanie Endert

“Every one of your seminars produces 2 to 3 tournaments for our courses, $20,000 to $30,000 in new business, they work”

 Mark Murphey, ClubCorp

 “We had around 85 participants and had 54 for golf. It was an awesome event. We rebooked an event that was questionable, booked and event that we thought would not do it again, and closed on a new event for Scottish Rite Hospital. We also had at least four or five good prospects come out of the outing”.

Jerry Marshall, Walnut Creek CC

“I want you to know how very much we all appreciated your presentation to our Annual Conference and Trade Show at the Prom Center in Oakdale. The feedback we’ve received from those in attendance reflect their feeling that this was one of the finest programs produced in 8 years. Your contribution was so much appreciated and blended in with our overall conference theme, that these members were able to take home great ideas and if appropriate put them right to work. We appreciate the preparation of your product and delivery. Thank you again for your insights and work to present.”

Curtis Walker, Executive Director, Midwest Golf Course Owners Association

 “On behalf of myself and our sales team at American Golf Corporation – Chicago, we would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to host your seminar on “Taking your golf event to the next level. Your seminar allows people at any level to take this information, and either start or make their existing golf outing as successful as possible. It will allow them to get the most out of their time and effort. We had such a variety of people and groups attend the seminar, from people who are thinking about starting a golf outing for the first time to people who have been doing golf outings for years. The information you provided will make all of them much more successful in achieving their goals next year, and for years to come.”

Todd Trader, American Golf

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