How to Plan a Golf Tournament

18 Steps For a Successful Golf Tournament

Step #1 Plan Your Event – Set specific goals and objectives
Step #2 Staff Your Event – More volunteers means more success for you
Step #3 Working with the Golf Course – Tell them your needs
Step #4 Choose the Right Event Format – Know your golfers
Step #5 Selling Sponsors – Make your event a marketing tool
Step #6 Promoting Your Event – Focus on specific markets
Step #7 Recruiting Golfers – Relations are the key to filling your field
Step #8 Gifts and Prizes – You will be judged by the gifts and prizes you give
Step #9 Games & Contests – Build memories, money, winners and fun
Step #10 Photos – Team and Action Photos build memories
Step #11 Insurance – Give away major prizes
Step #12 Signs – Many big signs makes your event look big
Step #13 Auctions – Raise big money
Step #14 Awards Ceremony - Big events generate big dollars
Step #15 Time Line – Take 6 months from start to finish
Step #16 Budgets – Don’t spend more than you make
Step #17 Wrap up – Sign up golfers and sponsors for next year
Step #18 Follow Up – Stay in touch with golfers and sponsors all year

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