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JVD Golf Tournament Evaluation Services

The mission of the JVD Golf is to assist Tournament Directors in producing the best golf tournament possible. Our Tournament Diagnosis has been designed for you to analyze your event and determine what areas you can improve. Should you desire, we can help with this diagnosis and offer suggestions on how you can take your tournament to the next level.

Does your organization host a golf tournament or event?

Yes. Fantastic! No. Why Not?
• Does your event sell out? • There are over 16 million golfers in the US and over 17,000 golf courses.
• Do your golfers come back year after year? • There are over 1 million outings every year with an average net of $5000
• Do your volunteers come back year after year? • Could your organization use an extra $5000?
• Do your committe members come back year after year? • Golf tournaments can be fun and exciting!.
• Do your sponsors come back year after year? • Golf tournaments are a great way to develope relationships with clients.
If you answered no to any of the above questions, JVD Golf can help your organization answer yes!

JVD Golf can help your organization get started on the right track to hosting a highly successful and entertaining event.
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