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Golf Tournament Par 4 Game - The Hot Shot Air Cannon

San Diego and Palm Springs Area Certified Golf Tournament Planners

JVD Golf and Promotions - Home of the Original "Hot Shot" Golf Ball Cannon Game™

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Call 619-846-9995 for tournament information.

Fully Insured and Safe.

Tournament Not in Southern California?

Then Purchase Your Own Air Launch System

How to Plan a Fundraising Golf Tournament

The Easy Way   The Hard Way
1. Call 619-846-9995   1.Find a golf course
2. Talk to our certified experts   2.Negotiate a date, time and price
3. Make a decision to hire our certified experts   3. Recruit committee members
4. Let JVD Golf guide you every step of the way 4. Plan meetings
5. Enjoy a successful and profitable event 5. Develop a timeline
    6. Develop a budget
    7. Select a format
    8. Develop  a registration website
    9. Develop sponsor packages
    10. Find sponsors
    11. Develop a golfer package
    12. Find golfers
    13. Sell sponsor and golfer packages
    14. Find gifts and prizes
  15. Obtain Hole-in-One insurance
  16. Plan the awards ceremony

Our team of experts have many years of experience and will assure you of a successful tournament with a money back guarantee.

  The list goes on and on.

Do you know what to do?
    Go the easy way and call 619-846-9995.
Let us show you how to generate more income and more success year after year.
With our money back guarantee, you can't go wrong .

Don't Think You Can Afford To Use a Tournament Consultant?

You Can't Afford NOT To Use a Golf Tournament Consultant!

We Have a Money Back Guarantee.

Did you hire a wedding planner for your wedding? A tax consultant or CPA for taxes? A business consultant?

Then why not a tournament consultant? Our fees are so reasonable that you can't afford not to hire JVD Golf and Promotions for your next tournament.

When deciding whether to use a Tournament Consultant or not, you need to know some facts.

Events That Use GTAA Certified Consultants:

Events That Don't Use Consultants:

  1. Raise More Money
  2. Get bigger and more sponsors
  3. Host bigger events with more golfers
  4. Offer a more unique event
  5. Have less stress
  6. Stay on track
  7. Give out better prizes
  8. Get a better price and more services from the golf course
  9. Raise more money with games and contests
  10. Have bigger auctions
  11. Enjoy knowing their event will be a successful one
  1. Raise less money
  2. Have more stress
  3. Have less time to do the things they need to do
  4. Have smaller events
  5. Have fewer golfers
  6. Pay to much for goods and services
  7. Spend more time making less money


Did you Know ?

Most Charity Golf Outings make only a fraction of the money they could make because organizers are not trained in maximizing the potential of golf events. All JVD Golf Consultants are certified by the "Golf Tournament Association of America" and can help you realize your potential. From meeting with your committee to finding sponsors to getting you the best golfer gifts and swag bags in the business. Call us today!

Call 619-846-9995 or Toll Free at 888-246-2288 For Your Free Tournament Analysis

Let JVD Golf and Promotions experts analyze your past tournament and show you how you can make more money. We guarantee your tournament will generate more revenues using our proven methods.

Charity & Fundraising
Golf Tournaments
The average tournament earns only $5000...

Our proven ideas and strategies can help earn more profits for your event.

JVD Golf and the GTAA are your one stop source for tournament planning, fundraising ideas, and resources.



Corporate Golf Tournament
& Event Planner
Corporate Events Planner...

Do you want to have a corporate event? Let JVD Golf do it for you. We can show you or your staff how you can save money on your next golf event or tournament.




How to Plan a Golf Tournament
Learn how you can plan your own golf tournament...

From start to finish and even after your event, JVD Golf has the resources to make your next event a memorable one.

We want your participants to come back year after year and remember your event as the best. Download our free tournament planning guide.


Golf Tournament Seminars
Does your golf course want more business?

JVD Golf can help golf courses host tournament seminars for non-profits and charity organizations. These informative seminars can bring more tournament business to your course.


Free Golf Tournament
Did your last tournament meet or exceed your goals?

Let JVD Golf evaluate past tournaments and show you how to make the most out of your event..



Tournament SuperTickets
A proven moneymaker for your event...

JVD SuperTickets or Fun Cards can help your organization improve its bottom line and give your attendees some added fun.




Promote Your Charity or Fundraising Golf Tournament
Promote your tournament free...

JVD Golf and Promotions understands the need to promote events.

Take a few moments to complete our tournament listing form and we will list your tournament free of charge for up to 6 months before your event. No strings attached. We will also promote your event in our newsletters and social media sites.


Subscribe To Our Newsletter
Free gift with your subscription...

Our monthly newsletter contains helpful tips, facts and relevant information about the tournament industry.

Articles written by industry experts with many years of tournament experience.

Cancel your subscription anytime.



Golf Tournament Merchandise
Golfer gifts, prizes and awards ...

JVD Golf and Promotions has it all. From start to finish we can save you money on everything from golfer gift packages to Hole in One insurance.

Quality merchandise at very reasonable prices.

Give us a call or email us with your tournament needs..


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We offer a wide range of tournament and event services. Click the Read More link below for more information on what we can do for you.

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  • Corporate Golf Event Planning
  • Charity Golf Tournament Organizing
  • Education and Seminars
  • Golf Course Negotiating
  • Super Tickets
  • Golf Tournament Gifts and Giveaways
  • On Course Golf Games


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